You are the all powerful dark lord yet they besieged you, broke into your dungeon, and killed your minions. But only their leader survived your well designed defences. He is strong and well armoured but you have an invocation portal left in your throne room, your one last room...

===================- How To Play

Prevent the Paladin to destroy your only portal and kill him using your minions.
The portal will spawn slimes that can be upgraded at the air shrine on your right.

- Left mouse button to select a minion
- Right mouse button to order a move
- Direction arrows to move the camera
- Scroll Wheel to zoom

===================- Tools

Engine : Unity 5.5
Graphics : ms paint/gimp
Audio : bfxr (

===================- Note

The Game is far from finished here are some features I might add in an hypothetical final version for somewhere in a probable future:

- Menu (with the ability to quit the game, among others)
- end game screens
- UI elements
- other elements (fire, water, stone)
- music and more sound effects
- all the everything

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